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👋 Uncovr.Design - Issue #3

Hey everyone, I haven't been doing much direct recruitment for clients recently but for some reason f


July 10 · Issue #3 · View online
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Hey everyone, 

I haven’t been doing much direct recruitment for clients recently but for some reason found myself looking up a lot of portfolios last week. I tend to come across one that’s really awesome and then lose a few hours discovering all your amazing work 😀 

As a design recruiter I’ve seen hundreds of fantastic portfolios however I also often see some that, unfortunately, don’t tell me anything. Some finished visuals, a very brief description of the project or a few wireframes just aren’t going to land you that job you really want. From my experience, having worked with a lot of different companies, most good hiring managers want to see your thought process, how you’ve approached a particular problem or challenge and the role you played in that project. 

I’m not starting the great portfolio debate here again 🤔 but the fact is, most companies still require one as part of the application process so in this issue I’ve included a few helpful links if you’re putting one together from scratch or just updating. Feel free to reply to me and share something you found helpful, I’ll make sure to include those in future issues.

One thing I’m learning since starting this newsletter is that I need to manage my content calendar better. I need to have a few interviews happening at the same time in order to to have one ready every Monday. Last week I mentioned an interview with Marek Dlugos but he didn’t get a chance to finish it 😞 

Luckily for me I was also interviewing Claudio Vallejo at the same time. Claudio is a product designer @ Managed By Q in NYC, we had a really honest, inspiring and insightful chat. Have a read below about his journey in design so far and how he once drove 5 hours from Mexico to Texas just to go to a design meetup which eventually lead to him landing his current job! Enjoy.

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Thank you,

Newsletter Exclusive ⭐️
How Did I Get Here - Claudio Vallejo | Sketch Labs Blog
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How to Think About Your Career - Julie Zhuo, Product Design VP @ Facebook
How to Get a Job at Unsplash - DESK of Tobias van Schneider
11 Top Designers Share Honest Career Advice
Real Talk 👇
Seek out feedback on your work from those in different disciplines than you. Customer and product knowledge gets scattered and shared across companies and teams, this is why working in isolation is inefficient. Ask for feedback, and be known as a collaborator, and one day your colleagues will be seeking YOU out for feedback on their work.
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Redesigning My UX Portfolio - OnePixelOut 🇮🇪
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Ciaran Hanrahan, UI designer & developer
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If You're Hiring 👀
The Importance of Hiring the Right Designer for Your Company
Design Jobs 🤘
Product Designer @ Managed By Q | NYC
Tools | Products | Design Courses 🚀
This week I’m sharing a couple of CSS Animation courses from my friend Donovan, one for beginners and another if you’re more advanced. Enjoy! 
CSS Animation 101 - Learn how to add animation to web pages using CSS
Level Up your CSS animation skills
Center Centre
UX Flow | Wireframe Prototyping System
Watch This 👇
#22: Pinterest Head of Design, August De Los Reyes, on ending disability through better design - High Resolution Podcast
Know an awesome junior designer I should interview? Please reply to this mail or tweet your suggestions, would love to hear them! 
See you next week. 
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