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Uncovr.Design - Issue #4

Hey everyone, Thanks so much for all your feedback and suggestions so far, I've had quite a few peopl


July 17 · Issue #4 · View online
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Hey everyone, 

Thanks so much for all your feedback and suggestions so far, I’ve had quite a few people asking me how to find design mentors and there’s definitely no easy answer to this. 

Not everyone gets a chance to work in good sized design teams where mentoring others is encouraged so getting involved in your local design community as early in your career as possible would be my first suggestion, is great for finding out what’s happening in your city. This approach might not suit everyone however, being involved and making connections is one thing but actually asking someone to be your mentor can be a daunting experience. I know I personally still struggle with being the first to start a conversation in unfamiliar surroundings or asking someone who I barely know for their valuable time. I’m working on that 😊

Another way would be to seek out people online - identify some potential mentors who have some mutual connections with you and ask them for an introduction. The key here would be building a relationship first and once you feel comfortable enough, then asking the question. 

I personally know quite a few experienced designers looking to give back to the community and give up some of their time to help others succeed, I’ve actually been playing around with the idea of building some type of platform to help connect mentors and mentees. I even randomly bought the domain, maybe one day I’ll do something with this if I can find some awesome people to collaborate with me on it 👀

In the meantime I’ve put together some links below that might help you - the best one I’ve seen so far is Out Of Office Hours from Dustin Senos, seems like a really great initiative, worth checking it out and signing up as a mentee. Do let me know if I’ve missed any you’ve found valuable.

As always, feel free to reply with any feedback or topics I should focus on more, or any designers you’d like me to interview. By the way I’ve just published an interview with Marek Dlugos below, really look forward to you checking it out! 

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